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Indwa brings together a team of extensively experienced personnel who have been involved in turnkey projects of massive proportions. In today’s dynamic business environment, one thing that really stands out in any organization is the depth of management talent and the visionary focus demonstrated by the people at the helm. Indwa boasts of a best-in-class management team with rich and varied experience and expertise. Each, a leader and achiever in his/her own right, contributes effectively to the making of an organization that is well on its way to market leadership.

The cornerstone of the Company’s effort is the ongoing war with processes that cause environmental pollution. The team is an inspired lot that endeavours to make a difference by attacking pollution head-on and controlling the damage to the best of our capabilities.

Apart from the above key personnel,we have over 40 technical and secretarial staff. A blend of youthful exuberance and proven experience is what makes up Team Indwa. An enviable knowledge base and in-depth know-how compounded with an innovative approach and practical insight ensure that Team Indwa is able to provide highly techno-economically viable solutions that are time and cost effective.

Mr. Venkat R. Puranam, Head -Technical and Business Development back

Holds a Masters degree in Environmental Engineering from IIT Kanpur and has more than 30 years of experience and 150 projects in water and wastewater treatment to his credit. His strengths lie in conceptualization, design, detailed engineering, marketing and commissioning of WTPs; ETPs, STPs & CETPs. He has held several senior positions including that of Chief Consultancy Services at Environment Protection Training & Research Institute (EPTRI), Director (Technical) at Ramky Engineers Pvt. Ltd., and Director (Technical) at Envirad Projects Pvt. Ltd. He has also been extensively involved in the projects for Environmental Impact Assessments (EIA) and Environmental Management Plans (EMP). He was also a key member of the team, which developed the "WATER VISION" document for the Govt. of AP.
Mr. P. Sridhar back

Holds a Masters degree in Environmental Sciences and has over 15 years of rich professional experience in wastewater management. His specialization includes advanced treatment technologies, industrial wastewater treatment and CETP operations. He has held senior management positions in various CETPs and environmental management companies. He has conducted extensive research on industrial wastewater treatment and has participated in various conferences as subject expert.

Mr. Syameles Sanyal, Advisor - Water Treatment back

He has over 30 years of international experience in the fields of water treatment and project management. He has held key positions in companies such as Gannon Dunkerly, Degremont, ACME and others. He has designed and executed major water treatment works all over the Country. He has travelled extensively and has several publications to his credit.
Dr. KVGK Rao, Head - Technical Services - A PhD in Civil back

Engineering from IIT Kharagpur with over 30 years of experience in agriculture water management, he brings to board specialized expertise in on-farm irrigation and drainage, reclamation of waterlogged saline soils, participatory irrigation management, water vision & policy development, and capacity building in the water sector. As Member Secretary, AP Water Vision Task Force, he was the coordinator of the team that developed AP Water Vision. He also coordinated the departmental actions for integrated water resources management. His earlier assignments were Rajasthan Agriculture Drainage Project (under Cida) as Research Manager, International project at Central Soil Salinity Research Institute, Karnal as Head and Project Manager and several others. He also has extensive experience in EIA studies for water resources projects. He has travelled extensively across the globe and has several publications in journals of repute.
Dr. PVR Subramanyam, Advisor back

He has more than 35 years’ experience in wastewater management and environmental aspects with major interests in
Water Pollution Control
Wastewater Treatment
Hazardous Waste Management
Wastewater Utilization for Crop Irrigation and
Biogas Production from Organic Wastes.

Earlier he was Deputy Director at the National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Nagpur. He served as the Regional Coordinator for many International Programs dealing with 'Management of Toxic Chemicals and Hazardous Wastes' and participated in several international conferences. He is currently on the advisory panel of many organizations for wastewater treatment and disposal of hazardous chemicals/wastes.
Dr. K Agnihotrudu, Advisor back

With over 20 years’ experience in Exploration Geophysics related to the environmental sector, he is keenly focused on soil and water contamination, site selection for hazardous dump sites, hydrological and hydro-geological investigations, groundwater pollution, pathway of migration of pollutants etc.
Mr. A Rami Reddy, Advisor back

He has more than 35 years’ experience in water & wastewater treatment and recycling for agriculture and has been advising many industries on handling of water and wastewater treatment facilities. Earlier, he was in the pulp and paper industries and was also an advisor to major water treatment chemicals manufacturers.