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CETP at MIDC Kurkumbh
Indwa was awarded this project based solely on its technical competence. The wastewater reaching the CETP is being generated by several chemical-based small and medium scale industrial units. The existing CETP was non-functional and needs to be upgraded to meet the quality standards. Indwa took up the challenging task of completing the project within a short span of 4 months.

Common Effluent Treatment Plant for IE Nacharam and Mallapur,under APIIC, Hyderabad
IDA Nacharam and IDA Mallapur, amongst the earliest established Industrial Estates by APIIC, are home to several industries of heterogeneous nature. Indwa has been selected as the proponent for establishing its CETP on BOO (Build, Own, Operate) basis. The project is to be established in phases with the first phase catering to a capacity of 2 mld. The peak capacity of the CETP would be 8 mld. Cost of the project: Rs. 23.04 crores.

Environmental Management Cell at IDA Mallapur and Nacharam
GTZ, ASEM is a company that provides technical and financial support under Indo-German collaboration for eco-friendly industrial estates. IDA Mallapur and Nacharam have been identified by GTZ as candidate sites for implementing this concept. The responsibility of relevant data collection and generation for environmental management has been entrusted to Indwa.

Matrix Laboratories Ltd
Indwa has been awarded the project of establishing the ETP catering 350 m3/day. The wastewater is highly complex in nature and has to meet stringent discharge standards. Indwa bagged this project on its technical capabilities. Indwa has also been providing services for upgradation of ETPs at other Matrix group units.

YM Drugs & Chemicals Pvt.Ltd
For displaying commendable expertise in the design, supply,erection and commissioning of their raw water treatment plant, YM Drugs and Chemicals Ltd. again awarded projects of water treatment for their pharma needs, overall water management and water conservation, to Indwa. The most challenging of all projects was that of “Zero Discharge“ of wastewater from the unit. Indwa has successfully designed and implemented a pre-treatment plant followed by a 2-stage RO system to reduce the wastewater to less than 30% of the volume that eventually has to be disposed by forced evaporation system. The recovered water (70% of the wastewater) is being reused at the industry as raw water for various purposes. This is the first-of-its-kind plant provided for bulk drug and drug intermediate units.

Naturol Bio-Energy Ltd
The ETP for this pioneering bioenergy plant was challenging as there existed no prior experience as regards wastewater characteristics and quantities. Members of NBL and Indwa together worked out the quantity and quality of wastewater that was expected to be generated and got the same confirmed from the international suppliers of the bio-diesel plant. Subsequently, Indwa bagged the order for the turnkey supply of the ETP against strong players with a long term standing in the market.

NDMA (Nalgonda Drug Manufacturing Association)
Along with GTZ, NDMA short listed and awarded the prestigious project for conceptualizing CTF Common Treatment Facility) fora cluster of 60 member units located in Nalgonda district near Hyderabad. The Project, prepared by Indwa (valued at Rs. 70 crores), aims at total waste management along with recycle and reuse.Coca Cola Company