Indwa is promoted by an inspired set of NRIs driven by the desire to contribute to the community by bringing the latest systems and technology in water and wastewater management to India . Led by a multidisciplinary team of highly qualified, experienced, dedicated engineers and technocrats, we are right on our course to becoming the leading market player in integrated water resources management at the national level in five years' time.A privately owned company, we are self-reliant in terms of infrastructure and finances to achieve our planned growth and targets.

At Indwa, we unquestioningly live up to our status of an ‘environment conscious company' by collaborating with facility owners to develop the competence, efficiency, and safety features of all water systems.Our rapid progress into the realms of complete domination of the industry and the precious tag of being the ‘leading Water and Wastewater Management Company in Hyderabad' is evidence of our relentless growth curve since our inception in 2005.